The KNAC Staff celebrated the 10 year anniversary of James Rhee working with Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation.

James started with KNAC in 2013 as office support and has since  been involved with the corporation in a number of roles from Trust officer to his current position as commercial implementation office. And now having such a long history with KNAC he has extensive knowledge and connections which is invaluable to us.

“James’s commitment to creating opportunities for KNAC members is inspiring and I am looking forward to seeing how James will continue to develop the KNAC member support within Karlka Commerce.” says his manager Angela Nicholls.

So what does James say about this milestone? 

"I have been lucky enough to work at one of the best organisations and for one of the best groups in the Pilbara. One of the reasons I have continued to work at Karlka is because of the fantastic members. Being a member organisation, it is your support and understanding that makes our job possible. I am really looking forward to helping members take advantage of the opportunities that are made possible through the Agreements they have with different companies. That’s why I am excited to work in the new Commerce Team. Being in the Commerce Team will also allow me to reconnect with the members like in the old days when I was at the front desk, I am hoping to talk to every single member this year! Please keep a look out for me or other staff from the Commerce Team as we try to contact every member to discuss employment and business opportunities.
James Rhee

Congratulations James, from all of us. for your commitment to KNAC and the Nyiyaparli people for 10 years…..and counting!

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