We are excited to announce that the Nyiyaparli Land Rehabilitation Traineeship has started!

This Newman based traineeship is a partnership between KNAC, BHP and Karlka Recruiting Group (KRG).  Several KNAC Members applied to be part of it, and it successfully commenced in February 2024.

In development of the program, an initial Nyiyaparli Land Rehabilitation Traineeship meeting was held followed by focus group meetings. The  members meetings were attended by Stanley Watson, Roderick Parker, Debbie Drage, Sherry Parker, Shelley Parker, Thelma Parker and Haydn Allen.

In October 2023 the KNAC Board approved a proposal to proceed with this project ensuring that KNAC Members had the opportunity to be part of this program. It was structured in a way that also included multiple Language Groups and will allow for:

  • Fully Paid 1-year traineeship on Nyiyaparli Country
  • Developing skills in land management, tree planting and mine equipment
  • Completion of TAFE Certificate II in Conservation and Eco-System management

We would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts:

  • BHP – in particular Michelle Adams and Ross West for driving this initiative and committing to engaging with Traditional Owners to develop a Newman based Rehabilitation program. Without their efforts this program would not have been started.
  • Karlka Commerce and KNAC Focus Group – working with BHP they co-designed a residential program for Newman residence for endorsement by KNAC Board.
  • Karlka Recruiting Group – a KNAC Joint Venture Partner who successfully managed the recruitment and employment of 7 Newman locals; supported by James Rhee, Member Support Officer providing hands on support locally to assist trainees through the onboarding process.

Lastly, a special thanks and congratulations to the Trainees signed up to be part of this new and exciting program. We look forward to hearing more about their journey and future developments and opportunities to be part of this program.

The Trainees are:

  • KNAC Members: Nigel Parker, Shelley Parker and Tyros Handley
  • Local Newman Residents: Kyraley Drage, Tareeyce Harring, Tennyson Haring and Rowan Whalebone

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