Last week the Nyiyaparli Ranger team have been out doing some burning on Country with the Fire and Joint Management teams from the Dept of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) as part of the Working Together Projects.

 The burning is a continuation of last year’s efforts to create patches or mosaics of different aged vegetation and create fire break buffers on the southern edge of Fortescue Marsh. The burns aim to reduce fuel loads in these patches to reduce the risk of large-scale hot season bushfires and protect stands of very old spinifex habitat on southern side of the Marsh that are potential habitat of the threatened Night Parrot. It is also good to freshen up Country and encourage new green growth and more Mantu back into the area.

 The trip was also another opportunity to practice some drone flying in the lead up to next weeks drone pilot accreditation for some of the ranger crew.

 Thanks to Weston Tucker, Roderick Parker, Jason Anthony Snr, Jason Anthony Jnr, Carol-Lee Tucker, Jayleen Anthony, Carol-Anne Tucker, Beverley Tucker, Deanna Ball and Noel Taylor for your efforts, guidance and sharing of knowledge across the week.

KNAC also would like to thank Pedro, Curtis, Hamish, and John from DBCA for facilitating the week and sharing your expertise. We look forward to more burning trips together!!

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