Meet our Heritage and Land Management Services Team

Heritage and Land Manager

Diana started in her role with KNAC in June 2020.

She did her Masters in Archeological Science before completing a stint at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, carrying out a Research Project in the field of Biological Anthropology. Once this was completed she relocated from her home in Far North Queensland to South Hedland to take up her position with KNAC. 

Her primary role in the Heritage and Land Management Services team is the coordination of Heritage Surveys in compliance with the Heritage Agreements that are in place with each proponent. Additionally there are many other tasks including organising Welcome to Country, non ground disturbance matters, area checks and other Heritage management tasks.

Diana enjoys the challenges that her job brings and the learning that occurs every day in what is essentially a unique role for someone with her skills and qualifications. She enjoys getting to work closely with Nyiyaparli people and likes working with the KNAC staff.

Her goals going forward with KNAC are to continue developing her skills in the heritage field and supporting Nyiyaparli people in the ongoing protection of their heritage and culture.

Diana is our Heritage Coordinator

Melissa is our Ranger Program Coordinator

Melissa joined KNAC in August 2021 relocating to the Pilbara from outback South Australia. 

Her previous employment was with the Nepabunna Community in Far North Flinders region of SA, working as the Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) Coordinator in the Nantawarrina Indigenous Protected Area, the first IPA in Australia where she directly managed a team of 7 full time Rangers.

Now at KNAC as the Ranger Program Coordinator she is responsible for starting up the Nyiyaparli Ranger Program with the assistance of Nyiyaparli Traditional Owners.  Day to day her role includes project planning and coordinating logistical responsibilities for ranger activities. Additionally,she is coordinating the development of the Nyiyaparli Healthy Country Plan, is always sourcing funding options from many sources and works hard to ensure capacity building is core to all activities through ranger training programs.

Privileged is how she described how she feels about her job. To be able to be out on country with TO’s willing to share knowledge with her is special. 

“I get to experience special moments, sharing stories, sharing connection. I am lucky”

She has a mighty vision for this important role. She loves being part of helping Nyiyaparli people get back on country, getting Nyiyaparli youth involved and supporting the transfer of culture, and these are core for the future which will see the next few years implementing all the ideas that have come from the Healthy Country Plan process.

Ultimately the aim is for a sustainable Ranger Program that is Nyiyaparli driven, and she is keen to do all she can to work towards that.

Michelle’s background is predominately in Academia having acquired a BSc (Hons) in Conservation Biology before taking on a teaching role and a PhD in Conservation Marine Genetics.

She relocated from Perth to join KNAC in August 2021 as our Environmental Advisor. She is primarily engaged in Social Surrounding consultations, which form part of the environmental approvals process, ensuring that the concerns of Nyiyaparli people are taken into consideration regarding proposals that may have a significant impact on the environment. This process is designed to assist Nyiyaparli people in putting forward any comments or queries they may have. In addition, her role covers many other areas, including evaluating environmental reports such as mine closure plans, flora and fauna health and water management to ensure that the concerns of Nyiyaparli are addressed and working on increasing Traditional Owners engagement in environmental monitoring activities.

As a scientist she is really enjoying being able to combine Traditional Ecological Cultural Knowledge with her western science background. She loves being on country, having that connection to land and witnessing firsthand the passion that Nyiyaparli have for caring for country and is happy to see more Nyiyaparli people getting opportunities to be on, and speak for, country. 

Her vision for the next few years is to develop a framework for consultation and a baseline of principles that clearly express the expectations Nyiyaparli have for the preservation of social, cultural and heritage values.

Michelle is our Environmental Advisor

James is our Rio Tinto Implementation Officer

James has been with KNAC for many years now having first started as a casual admin worker in 2013.

Prior to coming to KNAC he obtained an IT Degree and worked in numerous locations in IT based workplaces. 

After helping out as a casual worker his position in KNAC became permanent and worked for many years in the admin team answering the phones and helping members with Trust matters. 

His role now is the Rio Tinto Implementation Officer, a position funded by Rio Tinto. As the main point of contact for Rio Tinto he is responsible for the administration around the logistics of meetings whilst working on the Implementation Plan and tracking the obligations in the agreements. 

James enjoys that he has developed great relationships with many Nyiyaparli people, learning from them, and it is a positive for him that the work he does on a daily basis actually makes a difference, creating better outcomes for members. 

Ongoing James is focussed on improving the work in progress between Karlka and Rio to continue to ensure that outcomes for members are met. 

Streamy is our Cultural Advisor

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