This week, the Nyiyaparli crew who completed fire training last month, assisted the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (DBCA) in prescribed burns on the south eastern side of Fortescue Marsh. 
This was a continuation of last year’s burns in the same area, as Nyiyaparli and DBCA work together to create a mosaic of burnt and unburnt patches. Over time it is hoped this mosaic will help prevent the hot intense wildfires that have occurred around the southern Marsh in recent summers, helping to protect areas of old Spinifex from wildfires, crucial habitat for the critically endangered Night Parrot. 
The team camped out at Coondiner Pools for two nights as they carried out the burns. 
Thanks heaps to the DBCA crew of Hamish, Pedro, John, Lily and Tom for your assistance and knowledge this week, and for making it a really enjoyable experience. We hope to be able to keep working together on projects like this in the future. 
Thanks also to DBCA for their donation of camping gear, and fire PPE to the Nyiyaparli ranger program. 
Well done to Jayleen, Jason, Carol-Anne, Carol-Lee and Beverley. It is has been a busy few weeks, kicking off some of these ranger projects, and you should be super proud of yourselves. Solid effort!! 
There will be a new round of DBCA fire training in May next year, where we hope to be able to expand the fire crew. If you are interested in participating, please contact Ranger Coordinator, Mel, at the KNAC office. 

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