Karlka Advisory Group Established

At last years AGM KNAC members voted to establish a Karlka Advisory Group (KAG) to provide to Board of Directors with the option to seek advice and recommendations on matters such as law and custom; native title; land and waters;  protection of sites and heritage;  environmental matters;  language; identification of Nyiyaparli People; KNAC membership applications; and changes to the Rule Book.

The KAG is made up of up to 10 senior Nyiyaparli People who hold strong knowledge and decision-making authority on matters of law and custom, and the Nyiyaparli Cultural Elders. Nyiyaparli Common Law Holders were asked to provide nominations for committee membership by 27 May and over 25 nominations were received. As it is then the role of the Board to select the KAG membership in accordance with Section 22 of the Rule Book, the following members have been invited by resolution of KNAC Directors to join the KAG:

  • Raymond Drage
  • Victor Parker
  • Bruce Bung Snr
  • Cheryl Yuline
  • Thomas Monaghan
  • Debbie Drage
  • Suzanne McCann
  • Stanley Watson
  • Natalie Parker
  • Keith Hall (Chair)

As stated in the member approved Rule Book, Nyiyaparli Cultural Elders are also entitled to receive notice of and attend all Karlka Advisory Group meetings, and when they elect to attend the Karlka Advisory Group members must have due regard to their recommendation.

KAG meetings are organised at the request by the Board and it is expected that they will initially be held quarterly, with the first meeting expected to be in July. KAG meetings and members will receive the same support as other KNAC representative groups, including the meeting attendance rate agreed by KNAC members at the 2018 AGM ($875- full day or $475- half day) and the payment of all reasonable expenses associated with holding KAG meetings. The Corporation will also provide administrative support, and KNAC Chair (and elected KAG member) will act as committee Chair to ensure good  communication and cooperation between the Board and this important advisory group. Like the Board of Directors, KAG members are required to attend meetings regularly to maintain their membership (as per Section 22.6 of the Rule Book) and to sign the KNAC Code of Conduct in accordance with our good governance practices and the commitment of all KNAC representatives to act in accordance with the best interests of the Corporation.

Thank you to everyone who nominated members for this important KNAC advisory committee, and congratulations to the successful applicants!

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